Celestial Ballerina

Transcend time through movement. Transcend space through holograms – the reality is a projection.”

-Lana Blum


Merging the worlds of Technology, Art and Dance, Celestial Ballerina (2016) redefines the classical ballet and moves the performance off the stage and into a new digital realm. A glimpse of the future art form of holograms and captivating a larger audience to engage with the power of the ballet performance.

Lana Briscella's approach to art and technology is making a tangible world from the digital. Using the technological element of the 3d scanning technology, she is recreating moments of time and motion. The perceived imperfection creates a glitch aesthetic and the digital interpretation of our world. Diana Vishneva is breaking the boundaries of traditional ballet and creating a new approach to the classical artform.

Capturing the dance movements created 3D sculptures – your body becomes the brush. The beauty of a human body becomes visible. The hologram can be seen as a stage – they tell a story of the movement and the visual impact of Diana's creations. It is a prototype of the future performances and art where reality merges with projections.

Holograms supported by Holocenter and Zebra Imaging

3d prints supported by Autodesk