“Keeping my heart open to receive and learn. I’m learning to run towards my feelings no matter if they are good or bad, anxious or joyful. As many times did I close my heart because I was too afraid of feeling pain I also closed it down to receive love. Keep remaining open. Every day.”

Group Exhibitions

  • Celestial Ballerina Holograms, Holocenter, New York, USA 2017

  • Celestial Ballerina Holograms, Galerie 24b, Paris, France 2017

  • Skyscape, Javits Center, New York, USA 2016

  • Celestial Ballerina Sculptures, Pier 9, San Francisco, USA 2015



Blasting News, Nov 2017

AiR Presentation, Sept 2015

Fab Designer Story, April 2013

Destination: NYC | MoMA Store, May 2013


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