Laniakea - Hawaiian for "immeasurable heaven".

Lanai_1White_Top (1).jpg

Laniakea Light is a pendant lamp designed to entice our curiosity in astronomy and the advancement of scientific research. Inspired by the trajectory through space and time of the celestial galaxy supercluster, Laniakea - The intricate design commemorates the place and path we are all on in the universe.

RESEARCH - Magnetic field simulation

I research and apply generative design tools to aid myself in our creations, as a way to keep a consistent body of interrelated works and a philosophy for creation. The magnetic field simulation is a method that enables me to create complex forms simply by assigning the values and positions. The results are invisible natural structures that become the integral base geometry for tangible designs. 

The Field Test collection was designed around the premise of structures found in magnetic fields. The lightweight forms are created by simulating experiments with B-Field lines which creating a unique and intricate design.